Covid 19 is definitely a life-changer.I had planned on becoming a confirmed therapy assistant in 2020 but this plan flew out of the window when Singapore implemented Dorscon Orange in Feb 2020.I was then working at a rehab centre in Tanjong Rhu , and even though the job was sweet and the colleagues were a great bunch, my whole being was in a rather flummoxed state as I struggle to cope with the relentless pace of a 5 day work week which begins at 8:30, and ends at 5:00pm.

Well, if I were a believer in destiny, I am sure all the stars were aligned for me to exit from my job, and for that , I am thankful.

Basically, I resigned in April and to date, am still happily unemployed.Staying home was made mandatory by law as Circuit Breaker kicked in on the 7th of April 2020.I signed up to study overseas and all those plans also flew out of the window.

Now, I am sitting back here reflecting on how fast time has flown by , and it is already mid August.My youngest daughter has safely reached Halifax after a gruelling 35 hour flight.Thank God indeed for His protection .

Truly I do not know about tomorrow but I do know who holds the future.Elections may come and go; presidents and politicians will be ousted and elected, Covid 19 may pass and etc etc..but my greatest comfort is in knowing that God holds my hand, and I intend to follow wherever He may lead , and to enjoy and bask in the journey.That, I wish too for all who also want to be held by Him.